Remedial Math Tutoring

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Math Tutoring Program  (one-to-one)

For children aged 7 to 18 who are struggling to understand basic math concepts or need additional support in math. Under the direction of a certified teacher, trained tutors work one-to-one with students to become aware of, evaluate, and set goals for their learning in math. Based on current research, students are prompted to use manipulatives or “tools” in a playful manner to practice and celebrate their successes on their individualized math goals.

Time: Choose a 50 minute slot. Sessions start on the hour from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., Monday-Friday. There are some limited spaces available on Saturdays.

Location: Surrey Location: LDAFS Centre of Learning, #101- 14225 57 Ave., Surrey, BC, or online through Zoom.

Cost: $60/hr.

Some subsidies may be available courtesy of the CKNW Kids’ Fund.

Please enquire for eligibility criteria on registration.