We present seminars and workshops with professional speakers on topics ranging from anxiety, behavioural interventions, writing difficulties, and sensory processing difficulties. Check our events calendar regularly or sign up to become a member to get our notices emailed to you. The list below is an example of workshops we have had previously.

Keeping a Step Ahead

A two day workshop for parents and caregivers on dealing with difficult behaviour in children.The goal of this program is to teach, facilitate, and encourage the development of control – not of another, but of self. Management techniques will be taught that will help both parents and children to accept responsibility for their own behaviour and to understand the consequences of their decisions. Rather than making the child a good direction-follower, he or she will become a better decision-maker. Parents play an integral role in this process, not only through the systematic and consistent use of the techniques, but also by modelling appropriate self-control in their own activities and interactions. The largest part of this program deals with teaching parents effective behaviour management techniques.

Supporting your Child’s Special Education

Learn about your child’s rights and entitlements for special education programs and services. Find out what you can do to make sure your child receives the best education possible. This course is especially helpful to those who are having difficulty getting the system to respond to their concerns. Relevant for all parents of children with exceptional needs at any age level.

Maximizing the Potential of the Student with Learning Differences

We offer a workshop tailored for teachers, parents and students that provides insight into the various learning differences, how they affect learning potential and what you can do to help. You will develop empathy and understanding of what it is like to have a learning disability. Please contact the office at 604-591-5156 to request this workshop.