Professional Development for Teachers

Our organization provides many seminars and workshops for professionals throughout the year. Some of our past events are listed below.

ADHD and Behaviour

Effective behaviour strategies for at home and at School. Presented by Lawrence Sheppard, MA, RCC

Science of Attention and Learning

Why Can’t Children Sit Still?  The Importance of Movement and Play for Attention and Learning.  Presented by Chris Rowan, Zonen.

Keeping Stress and Anxiety at Bay in Children

How to Spot Stress and Anxiety in Kids & Youth and the impact it has on learning.  Presented by Michele Kambolis, MA RCC.

Teaching to the Brain

Providing brain-based differentiated instruction to accommodate students with learning difficulties and disabilities. Presented by Dr. James B. Hale.

Cognitive Training for Learning Differences  

The theory behind neurological improvement through cognitive training is explained with a lie cognitive training classroom in action. Presented by Howard Eaton, M.Ed.

Maximizing the Potential of the Student with Learning Differences

A workshop tailored for teachers, parents, and students that provides insight into the various learning differences, how they affect learning potential, and what you can do to help. You will develop empathy and understanding of what it is like to have a learning disability.