Information for Parents


Teacher/Home Strategies*:

  • Back to School
  • Building a Good Relationship with your Child’s Teacher
  • Don’t Delay in finding Support


Parenting/Family Strategies*:

  • Becoming an Effective Advocate
  • Fostering Motivation in LD/ADHD Kids
  • Tips for Managing Family Friction


Social/Emotional Support*:

  • What are Social Skills?
  • Making Friends – Do’s and Don’ts
  • Tips on Preventing Mental Health Issues
  • Techniques to Help the Anxious Child


Supporting your Child at Home*:

  • Skills for Academic Success
  • Homework Tips for Parent and Child
  • Home Strategies for the LD Child
  • Tips on Selecting a Tutor for your Child
  • Tips on Parenting Children with Challenging Behaviour


Tax Deductions and Credits*


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